Paw Patrol Track Inflatable



The Pata Patrol This air-guiding model stands out for its decoration, fun and resistance (an obstacle course with great slide). Offers a variety of games and superior quality, reinforced PVC!


Ideal for use in the garden, yard, terrace, patio, garage, pavilions, gyms and lounges, Kindergartens. The use of inflatables will always have to be supervised by an adult during the time that is being used. If you want to have a monitor to supervise talk to us, if you do not want a monitor you must have a person to be responsible for the supervision of the inflatable. Many children inside an inflatable can cause them to be hurt.

An incomparable inflatable, with bright colors and a large play area. Kids will love it!

Technical details:

  • Length: 6,3 m.
  • Width: 2,6 m.
  • Height: 3 m.
  • Maximum weight per child: 40 kg/
  • Maximum load: 250kg.